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About Us

Youth2Youth Club is a youth non-profit organization that offers opportunities for young adults to learn through interacting with different groups and helping those in need in local communities.


Our Mission is to inspire and provide a platform for people who are eager to accelerate positive changes in their communities. 

Our vision is to create a platform that is accessible to every high school student who aspires to create positive changes in society.

 In March, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of Covid-19 a global pandemic. Realizing the worries and struggles many families have faced, a group of young adults initiated an online meeting regarding the lives in their communities during the lockdown. On May 11 of the same year, Vancouver Youth2Youth Club was created, serving as an organization that connects youths to others, convey positive messages, and accelerate changes across diverse communities.


We organize donations, sales, activities, and challenges to help youths to better themselves and serve those in need. We encourage young adults to be innovators and free-thinkers.


We collaborate to host and co-host a variety of community events, such as raffles and charity sales. These events are all meant to help vulnerable populations. Our organization not only calls upon youths from numerous communities but also gathers people in our communities to contribute to a substantial cause.


We are a group of passionate volunteers who are willing to contribute to our communities with like-minded youths. We actively seek cooperation with other individuals, groups, and organizations, and strive to make a significant impact on society.


We are deeply concerned with how much impact we make on the minorities' lives as well as improving our work. We aim to connect with more youths and families to help in making a positive impact in the community we are living. 

Meet The Team


Shi Jia Han
Founder & Advisor

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Shi Jia Han is a freshman at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). As the founder of Youth2Youth Club, Shi Jia hopes to continue contributing to the local community by serving as an advisor and helping executives in fulfilling the organization's mission.


Yirong Chen

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Serena (Yirong) Chen is a grade 12 student at University Hill Secondary. Serena has mature experience in managing organizations. While showing compassion, Serena has been dedicated to working hard and hopes to develop Youth2Youth into a non-profit organization that helps youth communities.


James Z Zhang

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James Zhang is a grade 12 student at Uhill Secondary School. With his previous social experiences,  he is confident about taking the director position.  With the role of the director, James is going to work with the other directors and members to expand the Y2Y organization to contribute to and help its local communities.


Seungyoung Ryu

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Brian (Seungyoung) Ryu is a grade 12 student at University Hill Secondary. A dedicated student to sharing knowledge and learning altogether, Brian is looking forward to working with other directors and members to increase the impact of youth to local communities.


Shayan Baghshomali
Finance Department Head

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Shayan Baghshomali is a grade 12 student currently attending Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Vancouver, BC. As Head of the finance department, Shayan is responsible for managing the finances , helping out with fundraisers, events, as well as participating in being a peer tutor in the peer tutoring program. Shayan is dedicated to helping out everyone in the Y2Y community.


Xiaoke Bai
Design Department Head

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Keke Bai is a grade 11 student attending Lord Byng Secondary School and a member of the visual arts mini-school program. She is grateful to have attained the role of VP of design at Youth2Youth Club. She is dedicated to making changes in her community by sharing her passion, experiences, and skills with her peers.

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Semih Deli
Technology Department Head

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Semih is a grade 12 student in Ontario.

He is dedicated and passionate about programming and game development. As the head of the technology department, he hopes to help youth worldwide through modern technology at the Youth2Youth Club.


Chelsee Mai
HR Department Head

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Chelsee is a Grade 12 student studying at University Hill Secondary School, Vancouver. She is open to challenges, concerned about social events, and willing to contribute my force to our society. As the head of the HR department, Chelsee is responsible for examining application forms, guiding new members, and managing our member list.

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Suzen Bao
Outreach Department Head

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Suzen (Yunhan) Bao is a Grade 12 student attending University Hill Secondary School. Suzen has constantly participated in volunteer work and is passionate about supporting seniors and youth. As a VP of Youth2Youth Club, she aims to make the greatest use of her resources to engage with various communities and impact change together.


Aaron Lam
Franchising Department Head

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Aaron Lam is a grade 12 student currently attending Sir Winston Churchill Second in Vancouver, BC. Serving as head of the newly established Franchising department, Aaron is responsible for expanding the Youth2Youth organization through the opening and management of school branches. Aaron strives to extend Y2Y’s cause to the benefit of youth communities across the city.

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